1. Flocculant for sewage treatment. Polyacrylamide is relatively coarse, high-concentration, positively charged sewage, and the water pH value is neutral or alkaline. As the anionic polyacrylamide contains a certain amount of polar groups in the molecular chain, it can absorb and suspend in the water. The solid particles make the bridging between the particles to form large flocs. Therefore, it accelerates the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, has a very obvious effect of speeding up the clarification of the solution and promoting filtration. This product is widely used in the treatment of chemical industrial wastewater and liquid waste, and municipal sewage treatment. Tap water industry, high turbidity water purification, Shen Qing, coal washing, mineral processing, metallurgy, iron and steel industry, zinc, aluminum processing industry, electronics industry and other water treatment, can play a very good sedimentation, purification and flocculation effect.

2. Resistance reduction agent in petroleum industry. In the process of oil extraction and production, the use of polyacrylamide in oil extraction and drilling can effectively reduce frictional resistance, increase recovery efficiency, and prevent water channeling. The overall effect is obvious.

3. Use as a thickener. Polyacrylamide has a very high viscosity after being dissolved in a proportion of one in a thousand. Therefore, it can be added to some products to increase the viscosity. It is often used in papermaking, alcohol, and detergent products with ideal results.

4. In addition to the above three applications, polyacrylamide is often used in the paper industry. It can effectively increase the retention rate of pigments and fillers, not only can provide paper strength, but also reduce the loss of raw materials.