The first is the performance advantage. Its biggest use in industry is as a water treatment flocculant. Due to its outstanding advantages, it has a wide range of applications. Compared with polyaluminum chloride and other coagulants, the amount is only one-tenth, and the cost can be saved by more than 20%, and at the same time it can be reduced. Thanks to manpower, polyacrylamide is an excellent water purifying agent recognized at home and abroad. In addition, it can also be used to purify drinking water and special water treatment for water supply, such as removing iron, removing cadmium, removing fluorine, removing radioactive pollutants, removing slick oil, etc.

The second is the economic advantage. my country has abundant raw materials to produce polyacrylamide, and there are many production process routes, so it has more advantages.

Now, domestic technology has approached or reached the international advanced level. There are many methods for preparing polyacrylamide, which can be divided into acid method, alkali method, neutralization method, pyrolysis method, pressure reaction method, mixed gel method, electrodialysis method, electrolysis method, etc. according to the process. The solid product is obtained by spray drying or drum drying the liquid product. Spray drying is an ideal drying method, suitable for large-scale production, and it is also feasible for companies with smaller production scales to use drum drying.

At present, the demand for polyacrylamide is huge, and at the same time, relying on mature technology and low-cost raw materials, the development of polyacrylamide must be immeasurable.