1. Chemical oxidative degradation

1. Degradation of Fenton Reagent: Fenton Reagent has strong oxidizing ability and is suitable for the treatment of some industrial wastewater that is difficult to control or toxic to organisms. Treatment conditions: Fe2+ and H2O2 concentrations are 400mg/l and 1.0ml/l respectively, the reaction temperature is 40℃, the reaction time is 15min, the pH of the reaction system is about 3, the degradation rate of HPAM can reach more than 88%, and the degradation degree of COD can reach 97%. %.

2. Degradation of potassium ferrate: The effect of potassium ferrate on the degradation and viscosity reduction of oilfield wastewater containing polyacrylamide. The test results show that the control pH value is 3-4 and the temperature is about 45 °C. , adding 0.001mol/l potassium ferrate, when the reaction is 15min, the degradation rate of PAM reaches more than 90%, and the viscosity of the sewage can be close to that of distilled water, and the oil content of the effluent reaches the discharge standard.

3. Degradation of ferrous salts: The aeration treatment of polymer flooding oil production sewage will also significantly reduce the viscosity of the sewage, and after adding a small amount of ferrous salts to the sewage, the viscosity of the sewage will decrease more greatly.

2. Photochemical oxidation and photocatalytic oxidation degradation

Photochemical oxidation and photocatalytic oxidation are widely used in the treatment of refractory organic substances because they can be carried out at room temperature and pressure, can remove organic pollutants, and have no secondary pollution. Nano-titanium dioxide is used as catalyst. Under the condition of medium pressure mercury lamp as light source, the viscosity reduction rate of polyacrylamide in sewage can reach more than 90%. A product with a mass concentration of 93.7mg/L using a combination of ultraviolet light or ozone or hydrogen peroxide, under the conditions that the pH value is 4, and the dosage of ozone and hydrogen peroxide is 230mg/l (lh) and 660mg/l respectively After 120min of reaction, the removal rate can reach more than 90%.

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