In the drilling process of drilling fluid, if the loss of water during the drilling process occurs, such problems as the collapse of the borehole wall, the reduction of well diameter and the thickening of the drilling fluid can lead to the failure of the drill.Therefore, in order to reduce the filtrate loss, it is necessary to add the fluid loss agent to ensure the safety of the well.There are two kinds of functional groups in the fluid loss agent, one is the group that can adsorb with clay; The other one is a group that has a strong hydration.Therefore, it is important to adjust the type and proportion of adsorption groups and hydrated groups in the filter loss agent.

In recent years, with the super deep well, the quantity of special Wells and complex Wells, oil exploration and exploitation in deep formation and development of the sea, the strata condition is complicated, the increase of drilling depth, in order to meet drilling in complex strata, optimization of drilling, reservoir protection and need to improve the quality of well cementing, drilling operation of drilling treating temperature resistance of the demand is higher and higher, the existing drilling fluid treatment agent has not completely meet the need.Therefore, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to develop a new type of high-temperature water-based drilling fluid system.