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Physical and chemical indicators of polyaluminum chloride

  • Author:Carria Wang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-09-09

This product is an inorganic polymer coagulant. The purification treatment effect is achieved mainly by compressing the double layer, adsorption electric neutralization, adsorption bridge, precipitation layer, adsorption electric neutralization, adsorption bridge, precipitation net capture and other mechanisms.

Spray drying polyaluminum chloride, the appearance is white or light yellow powder, the product adopts reaction, spray forming and other processes, the complete set of equipment is controlled by computer, and the product quality is stable. Product quality standard: Al2O3≥30, the basicity is in the range of 60~85. Water insoluble matter ≤ 0.1%, mainly used in food chemical additives, drinking water purification and other industries. Spray-dried polyaluminum chloride is a water-soluble substance with good thermal stability and high solubility. In the drying process, the polyaluminum chloride solution with a solid content of 40%-50% is introduced into the high-pressure pump, and after being pressurized, it enters the atomizer of the dryer for atomization and disperses into small droplets. After the droplets are dried, a granular product is obtained, and drying and granulation are completed at the same time.

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