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Talking about the relationship between polyaluminum chloride content and color

  • Author:Carria Wang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-07-15

The color of polyaluminum chloride is closely related to the content.

There are three main factors: basicity, alumina content and water insoluble matter. However, the color of polyaluminum chloride also makes a big difference in appearance. In addition to different production processes, different colors are directly related to the content of alumina.

White polyaluminum chloride is called high-purity iron-free white polyaluminum chloride or food-grade white polyaluminum chloride. Compared to other polyaluminum chlorides, it is the best product. The main raw materials are high-quality aluminum hydroxide powder and hydrochloric acid. The production process is the most advanced spray drying method in my country. White polyaluminum chloride is used in sugar decolorizing and clarifying agents, tannins, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, investment casting and water treatment. The content of alumina trioxide is the highest, reaching more than 31%.

The raw materials of golden polyaluminum chloride are calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid and bauxite, which are mainly used for sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. If the raw materials for drinking water treatment are aluminum hydroxide powder, hydrochloric acid and a small amount of calcium aluminate powder, the plate and frame filter press process or the spray drying process is used. Due to strict requirements on heavy metals in drinking water treatment countries, raw materials and production processes are superior to brown polyaluminum chloride. Yellow polyaluminum chloride is generally produced by drum drying or spray tower drying, and is available in two solid forms: flakes and powders. The content of alumina trioxide is 28-30%.

Calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite and iron powder are the raw materials of brown and khaki polyaluminum chloride. The production process adopts the drum drying method, which is mainly used for sewage treatment. Because iron powder is added in it, the color is brown. The more iron powder is added, the darker the color will be. If the iron powder exceeds a certain amount, sometimes called polyaluminum ferric chloride, it works extremely well in sewage treatment. The content of aluminum oxide in brown and khaki polyaluminum chloride is about 24%.

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