Application of polyacrylamide in oilfield drilling fluid

Polyacrylamide is mainly used as drilling fluid in drilling, which can play the following roles: First, polyacrylamide has a strong flocculation, which can flocculate mud and cuttings in the drilling process to form a larger flocculation group, which is convenient to clean the bottom hole.Two, polyacrylamide not only has a strong flocculation, but also has a good viscosity and rheology, in the drilling process can lubricate the drill bit and drill pipe, reduce friction, reduce resistance, improve drilling speed, reduce drilling costs.Three, polyacrylamide can protect the sol particles in drilling fluid, prevent the filtrate from entering the formation to cause clay water swelling, and prevent the collapse of borehole wall through multi-point adsorption, adhesive protection and adhesive blocking.Four, in the process of drilling, due to the geological structure, the drilling fluid will be lost, with polyacrylamide can be used to crack, loose rock plugging.In practical applications, we recommend the specific parameters of polyacrylamide used in drilling fluids as follows: the molecular weight of solid granular products is 3 million ~20 million, the degree of hydrolysis is 0~50%, the dissolution time is less than 2h, and the solid content is ≥88%.Our company has a number of products echo the above conditions, we can recommend suitable products for you according to your needs, if you are interested, please contact us.