Polyacrylamide for Red Mud Settling Flocculants

WELLDONEFLOC® red mud setting flocculants is used for settling aluminum red mud slurries in alumina plants, which provide high settling rates, better separation performance and reducing suspended solids significantly. WELLDONEFLOC® products could improve the liquor filtration operations and make the processing more economical.

WELLDONEFLOC® powder item is with very high molecular weight, to be used in alumina plants to settle red mud slurries of extraction of aluminium or alumina refinery . It contains anionic polyacrylamide functional groups with high anionic charge.

WELLDONEFLOC® emulsion item is with high molecular weight, to be used in used to settle mud in the red mud washing circuit of refining aluminium. These products are a combination of acrylamide and acrylate with very high anionic charge.

WELLDONEFLOC® products could be used in alumina bayer process. Red mud settling requires using the efficient flocculants to bridge and entrap the find red mud solids to separate the solids from liquor rapidly. The more efficient of our flocculants in this process, the lower the cost of red mud separation. WELLDONELOC® red mud flocculants provides a unique advantage for alumina refinery industry refiners to address productivity improvement and total cost of operation of extraction of aluminium oxide.