Applications of polyacrylamide in mining

The mining industry consumes a large amount of water for: ore washing and flotation, separating useful minerals from useless gangue. This process is used for many minerals such as iron, coal, phosphate, diamond, zinc, uranium, sand, etc. And flocculants can be used to:

Separate water and gangue, which is convenient for water reuse;

Dewater the sludge generated by gangue sedimentation;

If the useful minerals are suspended in the water, separate it from the water.

In the process, metal minerals are sometimes dissolved in acid or alkali. Then the undissolved impurities are flocculated and separated with a flocculant, and the metal is recovered in the form of hydroxide or salt. In above process, non-ionic or anionic polyacrylamide are commonly used. Nonionic polyacrylamide are often used in acidic or high saline solutions.

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