The main application of cationic polyacrylamide

The main applications of cationic polyacrylamide include the following aspects:

1. Sludge treatment: Sludge can be regarded as a substance containing water in mud, and the water content is above 95% (usually 98-99%). Cationic polyacrylamide has stronger dewatering ability and can be used for sludge dewatering.

2. Retention aid: In papermaking, the wet pulp must be filtered off the Internet as much as possible to leave paper fibers and fillers. This process is similar to the principle of sludge treatment, so adding polyacrylamide will help drainage and retention. . Experience shows that for different paper products, adding 0.1-3% polyacrylamide can increase the paper output by 2-8% based on dry pulp. In addition, the subsequent sewage treatment pressure is also reduced due to the reduced loss of fillers and short fibers.

3. Sewage treatment: Polyacrylamide increases flocculation through bridging, which is much more effective than using chemicals such as poly aluminum chloride alone. Cationic polyacrylamide not only has this effect, but it also increases the hydrophobicity of the floc, making it easy to settle or absorb bubbles to float up, reducing the volume of sludge. 

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