A small coup for the use of flocculants in water treatment to reduce costs

The amount of water treatment flocculants used as flocculants in urban water treatment and wastewater treatment in chemical, metallurgy, papermaking, printing and dyeing, sugar, monosodium glutamate, coal, building materials and other industries will continue to increase. So, good use can save costs. If you don’t know the application method, it will cause waste to add. The application criteria and dosage of polyacrylamide are very important.
The use of water treatment flocculants should follow the following guidelines:
1. Granular flocculants cannot be directly added to sewage. It must be dissolved in water before use, and its aqueous solution is used to treat sewage.
2. The water for dissolving the granular polymer should be clean (such as tap water), not sewage. Water at room temperature is sufficient, generally no heating is required. The dissolution is very slow when the water temperature is lower than 5 ℃. When the water temperature increases, the dissolution rate is accelerated, but above 40 °C, the polymer will be degraded faster, which will affect the application. Generally, tap water is suitable for making polymer solutions. Strong acid, strong alkali and high salt water are not suitable for manufacturing.
3. The choice of polymer solution concentration is recommended to be 0.1%-0.3%, that is, 1g-3g of polymer powder is added to 1 liter of water.

The dosage of water treatment flocculant should be clarified by the solution as the standard, and the appropriate amount should be added. Too much will not only have no obvious effect, but also cause consumption of addition, which will affect the processing ability of the leaf filter. The concentration of the liquid water treatment flocculant should not be too high at one time. If it is too high, the water treatment flocculant and the alkaline water are mixed unevenly, and the polyacrylamide hydrolysis reaction is not sufficient, which will affect the flocculation effect.

The dosage of water treatment flocculant is mainly determined by the amount of dissolved red mud and sedimentation. The amount of water treatment flocculant will be added when the amount of red mud is large. However, the manufacturing method has a great influence on the sedimentation of polyacrylamide. A reasonable manufacturing method can improve the sedimentation effect, and also greatly reduce the consumption of flocculants in water treatment, which is beneficial to improve the processing capacity of the sedimentation system.

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