What principles should be followed in the use of polyacrylamide?

1. Granular polyacrylamide flocculants cannot be directly added to sewage. Sewage must be dissolved in water and treated with an aqueous solution.

2. The water in which the granular polymer is dissolved should be clean (such as tap water), not sewage. Room temperature water is fine, generally no heating is required. When the water temperature is lower than 5°C, the dissolution rate is very slow. Water temperature accelerates dissolution, but over 40°C will accelerate polymer degradation and affect the use effect. Polymer solutions are generally suitable for tap water preparation. Strong acids, strong bases, and high brines are not suitable for preparation.

3. It is recommended to choose a polyacrylamide solution concentration of 0.1%-0.3%, that is, add 1g-3g of polymer powder to 1 liter of water.

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