We all know that if pollution like agricultural manure is not treated, it is randomly downloaded or improperly imposed, which will pollute the ground, the soil and the underground waters. Since the pollution of the fecal waste water for water and soil is mainly caused by organic and nutritious pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus, Lebang recommends using flocculanti to treat waste water to protect the ecological environment.

The flocculant can remove most of the organic waste in the waste water of aquaculture through simple flocculations and sedimentation and significantly reduce the cod and nitrogen of ammonia of the waste water of aquaculture. Download standards and water become clear, colorless and odorless, the most important thing is to reduce treatment costs and treatment time, which is a feasible way of treatment of waste water waste water.

At the same time, several waste water treatment processes can be used for the harmless treatment of agricultural waste water and different equipment and flocculant agents can be selected according to different processes to obtain better effects and lower costs. There are three main problems in the production of Flocculanti General Flocculanti: firstly, the wastewater blackened after flocculation means that flocculation is not complete; As the execution time increases, the quantity of flocculant will increase and the flocculation and the pressure efficiency of the mud will become lower and lower.

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