The demand of polyacrylamide market is bright

China has become the world's largest consumer of poly acrylamide, sales volume for 40% of global sales, which is expected will grow at an average annual rate of 8.8% n the next 5 years.

Three advantages of polyacrylamide:

1.polyacrylamide has the positive gene, flocculation ability is strong, small amount, the treatment effect is obvious.

2.good solubility, high activity, fast settlement, compared to other water-soluble polymer purification capacity of 2-3 times.

3.the adaptability is strong, affected by pH value and temperature of water body, the original purified water reaches the national standard of drainage water, after treatment, the suspended particles in water can achieve flocculation and clarification purposes, which is conducive to ion exchange treatment and preparation of high pure water.

In the next few years, China's consumption growth of polyacrylamide is mainly in Petroleum exploitation, water treatment and paper-making.The next in the proportion of oil consumption will decline, while the field of water treatment and paper consumption will rise, especially in water treatment,with the enhancement of environmental awareness and environmental regulations become more stringent, industrial waste water and city sewage treatment rate and treatment capacity will be significantly improved, the polyacrylamide consumption will also greatly growth.

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