Polyacrylamide dosing method and precautions

1) Determine the best model and the bestdosage of the product through small-scale testing.

2) The product is formulated into anaqueous solution with a concentration of 0.1% (referred to as solid content),preferably neutral water without salt.

3) When dissolving the water, sprinkle theproduct evenly into the stirred water, and proper heating (<60 ℃) can accelerate the solution.

4) Solid products are packed inpolypropylene woven bags, lined with plastic bags, 25kg per bag, colloids arepacked in plastic barrels, lined with plastic bags, 50kg or 200kg per barrel.

5) This product is hygroscopic and shouldbe sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, the temperature should be lessthan 35 ℃.

6) Avoid spreading solid products on theground to prevent the product from slipping after absorbing moisture.

7) When preparing the PAM aqueous solution,it should be carried out in enamel, galvanized, aluminum or plastic drums, andcannot be prepared and stored in iron containers.

8) When dissolving, please pay attention toslowly and evenly add the product to the dissolver with stirring and heatingmeasures. Avoid solidification, prepare the solution at an appropriatetemperature, and avoid mechanical shearing for a long time. The agitator is60-200 rpm, otherwise it will cause polymer degradation and affect the useeffect.

9) The PAM aqueous solution should be readyfor use. When the dissolving solution is left for a long time, its performancewill gradually decrease depending on the water quality.

10) After adding the aqueous flocculantsolution to the suspension, if vigorously stirred for a long time, it willdestroy the flocs that have been formed.