Polyacrylamide can improve coal mining efficiency

With the progress and development of society, the demand for human energy is getting higher and higher. Coal is one of the most widely used energy sources. Coal is a non-renewable energy source, and coal reserves are also declining.  How to efficiently mine coal has become a concern of humankind.

Polyacrylamide is a very important chemical product. It can play a huge role in the coal washing industry. A large amount of sediment and impurities are attached to the surface of the coal mine just mined. usually. These raw coals need to be washed with large amounts of water. However, the washed away impurities and coal mine debris are present in the water, which will cause waste of coal and the formation of sewage. The role of polyacrylamide is to separate these coal debris and impurities from sewage. This will play a role in purifying sewage and recovering cinder. This is of great significance for environmental protection and efficient use of energy. One of the chemical properties of polyacrylamide is flocculation. This property can make small particles suspended in sewage collect together to form larger floc. Anionic polyacrylamide is used more in the coal washing industry.

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