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Industrial Wastewater TreatmentIndustrial Wastewater TreatmentIndustrial Wastewater TreatmentIndustrial Wastewater TreatmentIndustrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

  • Anionic PAM:
  • The product is an ultra-high molecular weight polymer made from the copolymerization of acrylamide and acrylate. Its molecular weight is as high as 30 million or more, and it has extremely strong adsorption and bridging efficiency. Different molecular weights can be selected depending on the user's different uses and requirements for product performance.
  • Uses: I .Industrial wastewater treatment; 2.Drinking water treatment; 3.Iron and steel factory wastewater treatment; 4. Sand and coal washing sewage; etc.
  • Specification:
  • Appearance:White powder
  • Molecular Weight (million):5-30
  • Degree of Hydrolysis%:Low to High
  • Viscosity:40-60 cps
  • Solid content:>=88%


WELLDONE has maintained a strong position in the water treatment sector for decades. To meet the needs of this ever-growing market, we have developed a product range of more than 1,100 organic coagulants and flocculants. WELLDONE’s range of products covers all global market requirements and has been approved by numerous governmental authorities for use within the scope of established standards.

WELLDONE is able to provide polymers that are most suited to our clients’ needs and provide local follow-up and support in the following industries:

*Water treatment (potable, industrial boiler/cooling)
*Wastewater treatment (municipal, industrial)
*Mining and mineral processing
*Oil & Gas


WELLDONE offers anionic, nonionic, and cationic flocculants in dry powder, liquid emulsion, and liquid solution forms that are derived from different methods of polymerization.

*Dry Powders:  Monomers are polymerized in gel form.  The gel obtained is then ground and dried.  The main advantage of these products is the 100% activity.
*Liquid Emulsions:  Monomers are emulsified in a solvent and then polymerized.  At the end of polymerization, a surfactant is added (also called invertor or breaker) that makes the emulsion polymer readily dilutable in water.  The main advantages of these products are their liquid form (ease of use) and increased performance on certain substrates due to their possible variations in specific molecular structure.

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