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Polyacrylamide for Anionic trash catcher -Polydadmac

Polyacrylamide for Anionic trash catcher -Polydadmac

  • Appearance:Colourless apparent liquid
  • PH Value:4-8
  • Molecular Weight (million):0.2-0.5
  • Dissolving Tome:5min-15min
  • Solid content:>=20%

This product is low molecular weight, high electropositivity polymer. It can combine with the anionic garbage and tiny textile filters.neutralize and dissolve the anion charge on organic matter and filters,balance wet part charge, reduce anion impurity interferent, improve the retention of stuff fiber and chemicals (sizing agent,cation starch, reinforcer, etc). And can improve single-pass retention of paper stock on the net, drainage rate, and operating performance, prolong the service life of blankets and net, reduce steam consumption, increase paper machine speed and output.


Our products can be widely used in the machine of making kraff paper, corrugated paper, paperboard, textile, core paper, newsprint, writing culture paper etc.

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