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Polyacrylamide for Lead Zinc

Polyacrylamide for Lead Zinc

  • Product Form:White powder
  • Molecular weight:6 million-20 million
  • Degree of Hydrolysis:0-50%
  • Dissolution tome:<1.5h
  • Solid content:>88%

In the sorting process of zinc sulfide: minerals are calcined and oxidized to zinc oxide. The oxide is then leached with sulfuric acid. A medium acid filtrate with a PH of about 5 and an acid filtrate with a PH of 2.5 can dissolve all the concentrate in sulfuric acid. Some concentrators add a heat filtration concentration process to further improve recovery rates. Reverse reflux sedimentation systems are typically used for neutral enrichment of overflow purification. In the lead and zinc filtration process, the use of anionic polyacrylamide flocculants promotes the rapid sedimentation of minerals and the clarification of filtrate, improves the production efficiency of the process, and reduces the loss of minerals.

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