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Polyacrylamide for Coal

Polyacrylamide for Coal

  • Product Form:White powder
  • Molecular weight:20 million
  • Degree of Hydrolysis:0-50%
  • Dissolution tome:<1.5h
  • Solid content:>88%

After coal is mined,it is classified according to the different ash content and particle size of coal;In order to obtain refined coal with a relatively high combustion value,it is usually completed by flotation process,and the specific gravity of coal particles and impurities in the aqueous medium is different in the water to achieve separation,the coal floats on it.The impurities sink into the water,and the treated coal is classified,so as to obtain refined coal products.In the above process,pulverized coal impurities and water are generated,which need to be further processed and recycled,so that the water can be recycled;The use of polyacrylamide as a flocculant in this process can improve the separation efficiency of impurities and water.

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