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Polyacrylamide for Copper Ore

Polyacrylamide for Copper Ore

  • Product Form:White powder
  • Molecular weight:6 million-20 million
  • Degree of Hydrolysis:0-50%
  • Dissolution tome:<1.5h
  • Solid content:>88%

The slurry or tailings from the flotation tank will enter the concentration pool for further settlement. Flocculants are added at this time to promote rapid sedimentation and produce clear overflows. Clarification overflow will act as recycled water. The remaining concentrated tailings will be vented into a centrifuge for centrifugal dehydration, at which point anionic polyacrylamide flocculants will be added as centrifugal additives. The bubbles (concentrates) filled with copper ore are mechanically separated from the overflow. It is then concentrated and dehydrated. At this time, anionic polyacrylamide flocculants are used to improve the efficiency of sedimentation and filtration. The resulting concentrate or filter cake contains nearly 25 to 35 percent copper. This will be recovered by thermal metallurgy.

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