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Application of polyacrylamide (PAM) in oil recovery
Release on2020-08-07Application of polyacrylamide (PAM) in oil recoveryRead More
Construction Mortar Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose HPMC for gypsum
Release on2020-06-19HPMC is odorless, tasteless,non-toxic celluloseethers producted from natural high molecular cellulose through series ofchemical processing and achieve...Read More
Powder Polymer Anionic Polyacrylamide for Coal Washing Water Treatment
Release on2020-04-17Anionic Polyacrylamide APAM for Coal WashingWater Treatment is ultra high molecular weight polyelectrolyte copolymerizedwith acrylamide and acylate, m...Read More
Application of PAM in sewage treatment
Release on2020-04-09Polyacrylamide is a widely used chemicaladditive, it can treat many types of sewage.For the following types of sewage,the correct use of polyacrylamid...Read More
Release on2020-03-06NEFTEGAZ has a long tradition and solid reputation as an effective professional platform for contracting, business contacts, exchange of experience an...Read More
How to use super absorbent polymer in gardens, trees, and crop
Release on2020-01-10Super Absorbent polymer  is a material with super water absorption capacity. The repeated absorption of pure water can reach hundreds ...Read More
Super agarbatti binder for machine made incense stick
Release on2019-12-27The super agarbatti binder(SAB) is suitable for the incense industry for the production of various disc mosquito coils, hygienic incenses, g...Read More
WELLDONE Polyacrylamide
Release on2019-12-21Product introduction Polyacrylamide is a White granular orViscous liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive, easily soluble in water, mainly used as a sel...Read More
What is polyacrylamide and how to use it
Release on2019-12-06Polyacrylamide is alinear polymer, the product is mainly divided into dry powder and colloidal twoforms. According to its average molecular weight,it ...Read More
WellDone PHPA for Drilling Polymer
Release on2018-03-31PHPA as a key part of drilling polymer specifically designed to perform in a variety of soil conditions. PHPA forms a synthetic membrane on the sidewa...Read More
Put ourselves into environmental protection
Release on2018-03-21SHANDONG WELLDONE ENVIRONMENTAL NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is a worldwide competitor of polyacrylamide for wasted water treatment and drilling fluids, alu...Read More
Application of polyacrylamide in oilfield drilling
Release on2018-03-08Polyacrylamide has been widely used in oilfield drilling, including oil field profile control, oil displacement agent, drilling fluid viscosifier, imp...Read More
Polyacrylamide for dyeing industry
Release on2018-02-07Polyacrylamide has strong hygroscopicity, excellent adsorption and dispersion, good film-forming property, good affinity to fiber, good intersolubilit...Read More
Polyacrylamide is Used in Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Release on2018-02-04Urban sewage treatment is generally divided into three levels, which is usually treated with primary treatment as pretreatment, secondary treatment as...Read More
Polyacrylamide for incense stick
Release on2018-01-30Polyacrylamide can be used for incense stick, dissolve polyacrylamide in water by the corresponding proportion,until completely dissolved, add incense...Read More
Selection of Wastewater Treatment Agent Polyacrylamide
Release on2018-01-28Industrial solid-liquid separation process is generally made to polyacrylamide flocculant used, including settlement, clarification, concentration and...Read More
Polyacrylamide for food processing
Release on2018-01-26The food processing industry is a traditional industry, most food processing plants produce a lot of waste water, and there will be the application of...Read More
The Function and Research Progress of Fluid Loss Agent
Release on2018-01-23In the drilling process of drilling fluid, if the loss of water during the drilling process occurs, such problems as the collapse of the borehole wall...Read More
Anionic polyacrylamide for EOR
Release on2018-01-22Anionic polyacrylamide plays an important role in oilfield tertiary oil recovery. At present, it has been fully utilized in large oil projects such as...Read More
The domestic PAM has been developing for 15 years
Release on2018-01-19PAM is widely used in petroleum extraction, water treatment, mining, papermaking, textile, medicine and other industries. At present, the largest amou...Read More