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Polyacrylamide for heavy metal removal

Polyacrylamide for heavy metal removal

  • Ionicity: Anionic
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Molecular Weight:14-17 million
  • Ion charge Density:7-9%
  • Solid Content(%):≥90
PAM can remove inorganic substances in water and use PAM to fix the denitrifying bacteria that can be used to remove nitrate of drinking water.In the case of water without phosphorus, nitrate is rapidly converted into nitrite, but the denitrification effect is very significant. Both nitrate and nitrite in the water are lower than 0.5mg/l, and the total nitrogen removal rate is 95-100%.PAM removes heavy metal ions from water, such as cellulose grafting PAM, which has a good adsorption for mercury.

Polyacrylamide for heavy metal removal
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