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Anionic polyacrylamide for municipal waste water treatmentAnionic polyacrylamide for municipal waste water treatmentAnionic polyacrylamide for municipal waste water treatment

Anionic polyacrylamide for municipal waste water treatment

  • 1.Molecular weight: 8-30 million
  • 2.Degree of hydrolysis: 5%-30%
  • 3.Solid content: >90%
  • 4.Dissolving time: < 1hour
  • 5.PV Viscosity: 5-15
Product Characteristics 

Flocculation: anionic polyacrylamide creates charge neutrality and bridge suspended particles together for a sedimentation. 

Adhesiveness: By physical and chemical reaction to show high adhesiveness
Friction reducer: PAM can effectively reduce friction in fluid/muds flowing, small dosage will give a high performance by 50%-80%. 

Thicker: PAM in a high molecular polymer with high viscosity, higher the molecular get higher viscosity. 

1.Industrial waste water treatment, 2. Municipal waste water treatment, 3. Starch and alcohol plants recover the loss of starch and lees, 4. Paper making additives, 5. Tertiary oil recovery, 6. Plugging agent, 7. Enhance Oil Recovery, 8. Binding agent for incense stick/Agarbatti.

Appearance: White Granule Powder
Ionic Charge: Anion
Molecular Weight: 8-30 Million
Granule: 20-60 mesh
Solid Content: ≥90%
Degree of hydrolysis: 5%-30%
Dissolving Time: ≤90 minutes
PV Viscosity : 5-15

PAM should be dissolved in solution of 0.1%-0.2%. If don’t accompany with suitable dissolving and dosing system, a solution should be put in the diluted cans. Practice on machine via screw pump and adjust the amount according to the actual situation.
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