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Polyacrylamide Emulsion for oil drilling fluidsPolyacrylamide Emulsion for oil drilling fluidsPolyacrylamide Emulsion for oil drilling fluids

Polyacrylamide Emulsion for oil drilling fluids

  • 1.Molecular weight: 16-18million
  • 2.Degree of hydrolysis: 30%-35%
  • 3.Solid content: 40%-50%
  • 4.Dissolving time: < 20 minutes
Emulsion Polyacrylamide


Emulsion polyacrylamide is a highly efficient content of the liquid flocculant by oil-in-water advanced technology, with the W / O emulsifier in oil medium from the polymerization reaction, compared with the traditional products, with instant, wide PH range, high charge stability, good flocculation effect, with less, multi-functional characteristics.

 Molecular Weight (Million)  16-18
 Degree of Hydrolysis  30%-35%
 Solid Content  40%-50%
 Dissolving Time  < 20 minutes
 Apperance  Emulsion
 Mixing rate  0.1%-0.3%

Sewage treatment: urban sewage, industrial waste water, fruit grain and oil processing wastewater treatment sludge dewatering.

Oilfield applications: drilling mud coating agents; and surfactants, demulsifiers fit for oilfield operations oily wastewater.

Paper industry: the production of newsprint, fine paper, cardboard and other paper products for use as drainage and retention aids.

Used in the oil drilling as fluid loss controller and tackifier

Used in ceramics industry as adhesive,suspension,fixing agent

Used in paper and textile dying industry take as sizing agent

Used in construction industry,cement,mortar,wall putty

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