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Chinese respond to call of duty

Now that the spread of the novel coronavirus that is ravaging the world has largely been brought under control in China, the country is intent on doing what it can to support other countries in their fight against the virus.

Being the first country to get a tight hold on the virus, China's support is not only the sharing of experience but also practical assistance in the form of essential equipment.

The country, which is the world's largest producer of surgical masks, protective apparel and breathing machines, and an important exporter of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, has already donated badly needed epidemic control materials to more than 80 countries around the world, and Chinese companies are running at full speed around the clock to provide for the needs of the global market.

Local governments, enterprises, individuals and social organizations are also donating much-needed items to the international community through various channels.

Shandong Welldone New Materials Co.,Ltd donated a large number of medical masks to Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries for free, hoping that these will help them through difficult times,We hope these can temporarily help them through difficult times and hope to pass this situation as soon as possible.

Apart from the epidemic control items, China has also increased its production and exports of life necessities, and it has been making every effort to guarantee the smooth operation of the international cargo transportation to maintain the stability of the global supply chains.