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American business people are opposed to Trump's statement

  • Author:Jack Ma
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-04-07
US President Trump's statement on the 5 day caused us politicians and business people to oppose and criticize. They criticized the act irresponsibly and hurt themselves. At the same time, European, Asian and Latin American countries say that the US's trade protectionism practices are jeopardize globalization.

Ben Sass, a Republican senator from Nebraska, said a new round of Trump's trade threat to China was "foolishness", and Trump was destroying American agriculture.

Morgan, President of Morgan international, Jacob Fraenkel, said the world, the world's economy is highly connected, China and the United States if a trade war will be the biggest threat to the global economy. He pointed out that the U.S. protectionist measures in 1931 were also on the basis of saving jobs, but eventually led to the disastrous consequences of the great depression, and the United States should avoid repeating it.
Matthew Shea, President and chief executive of the National Federation of retailers, said the U.S. government is still making trade frictions escalating and ultimately the interests of American ordinary families will be damaged.

The American trade frictions with China have aroused world concern. The European opinion holds that the trade protectionism policy that the United States is pursuing is harmful and has a negative impact on the economy of the United States and other countries, endangering the globalization.

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