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Double Eleven

  • Author:Laura
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2019-11-12
Every year, the double 11 is refreshing records. The goal of breaking through 10 billion this year is only 1 minute 36 seconds, 1 hour 03 minutes 59 seconds, and the turnover exceeds 100 billion RMB.At 16:31:12, the turnover exceeded RMB 213.5 billion, surpassing the 2018 double 11 full-day turnover.

This year's double 11 diversified supply, diversified scenes, mobilized the participation of more consumers. According to preliminary statistics, this year's Double 11 live broadcast brought about 20 billion transactions, and 10 brand merchants completed over 100 million transactions through live broadcasts, especially in industries such as beauty makeup, which brought 16% of the turnover. "Content and entertainment interaction will be an in-depth interactive way of online and offline integration in the new era of consumption." We offer such festivals, hoping to drive China's domestic consumption and activate China's economic transformation and upgrading.

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