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Happy New Year

  • Author:Becky Zhao
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-01-02
2017 is over. How was your year? My general feeling is that life is not easy. We have a history of wind and rain this year. You have not become oily, but have become greasy, you have not taken off the list, already hair loss; You think you're doing your best, but you're just living a normal life. It's just that, the good 2018 is something to look forward to. What is the ideal life? There are two ideals in life. One is the ideal of society, not behind The Times; One is the ideal of the individual, about dignity, about life on the road. The unambiguous life, the most unworthy of expectation. Your life, should have no obsession, do your best, live smart. If you want to ask, what should the best life be like? My answer is still: a strong body, a rich bag, a book in hand, a cup of tea.
This is a new 2018, and WELLDONE's colleagues are now fighting to continue our business of polyacrylamide, and we will be able to thrive in this brand new 2018.