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High-speed railway xi 'an and Chengdu

  • Author:Laura Wang
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2017-12-07
On 6 December, the high-speed railway xi 'an and Chengdu will be officially opened. This high-speed railway departed from xi 'an north station, to the south passed by the Shanxi an’ kang, Hanzhong city, guangyuan of sichuan province, eventually arrive at chengdu east station, total length is 658 km, the train operation speed per hour is 250 km.
Xi-cheng high-speed railway marks the north China to southwest adds a large capacity, high density main passageway, to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation the guanzhong - tianshui economic zone and chengdu-chongqing economic zone, and promote regional economic and social development and improve the quality of the people, has the very important significance. The two provinces formed one day of economic circle.
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