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How Polyacrylamide works in incense making

  • Author:Hana Wang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-03-19
Polyacrylamide has a good thickening effect, and PAM can be used in the fragrance industry is everyone’s recognition. The addition of the binder makes the rubber powder particles near the burning point of the incense tip dry quickly and form fine particles. Microporous structure, the micropores are filled with air to improve flammability. Following the consumption trend of green and environmental protection, the polyacrylamide used in fragrance making is completely different from the special chemical smell of general binders.  
The use of polyacrylamide for fragrance making ensures that the surface of the fragrance blank is smooth and lubricated, the mold does not stick to the mold, the blank body has no cracks, and the appearance of the molded product is beautiful and delicate. Polyacrylamide for fragrance production greatly saves the overall production cost of fragrance. After being put into the fragrance market, polyacrylamide has proven to be used alone instead of mixed binders such as sticky wood powder, elm bark powder, root powder, and adhesives. The usage amount of the fragrance binder is half of the ordinary fragrance binder. This can not only save the amount of raw materials, procurement, quality inspection and other procedures, but also reduce process links and equipment, and save manpower and material resources to the greatest extent.  
Obviously enhance the flexural strength of the fragrance, and the polyacrylamide used for fragrance production has stretchability. The polyacrylamide used for making incense ensures that the incense will not be shattered or broken easily during transportation. Significantly improve the burning performance of incense.