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Second warning of scientists

  • Author:Laura
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2017-11-16
In the past, Hawking claimed that humans had about 1,000 years left on the planet due to the overpopulation, climate change, disease. To change this situation , more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries and regions have signed “ the world's scientists' official warning to humans: the second notice”
In 1992, 1,500 scientists issued the first "human warning" to alert people to the dangers facing our planet. Today, Experts say the situation is much more serious now than it was 25 years ago. If the world does not take immediate action, biodiversity will face catastrophic losses that will bring untold suffering to human.
Every one has a duty to contribute to our planet. WELLDONE, polyacrylamide manufacturer, takes the responsibility of conveying environmental friendly and benehealth products to all over the world.