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Super Absorbent polymer water retention for agriculture fruit crop

  • Author:Lisa Li
  • Release on:2020-01-04

1.What is KSAP

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) also name Water retention polymer , Potassium polyacrylate is a high molecular polymer with strong water absorption.

2.Its character

(1)After filled with water ,SAP will release the water to roots when soil is dry .

(2)And repeatedly absorb water when the plant with plenty of water.

(3)The capacity of absorbing 300-500 times of water can save 65-95% of water

(4)Potassium based

(5)Swells to a gel upon contact with aqueous fluids

(6)Nontoxic environmental and biodegradable

(7)Appearance white powder or granule


Mainly used in agriculture plants, tree planting, horticulture , vegetable and fruits,flower


(1) Effectively reduces irrigation frequency ,super absorbent polymer will release the water when soil is dry, permit watering once per week , rather than day by day watering ,saving water and sparing time and money.

(2)It can be recycled for 1-3 years ,  can absorb and release water repeatedly. saving purchasing and irrigation cost, save 65-95% of water.

(3)Environmental and biodegradable, because there are no harmful substances in the index, such as Mercury, Lead and Copper and Cadmium.

(4)Potassium content of more than 10%, which is a nutrient that can enrich the soil as fertilizer and increase crop yield 20-40%.

(5)Increase soil structure , Enhance soil’s water absorption , soil moisture, water-holding and nutrient preserving capability.