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What determines the quality of polyaluminum chloride

  • Author:Carria Wang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-12-03

For laymen, it is usually impossible to detect the specific values ​​of polyaluminum chloride content, basicity, water insoluble matter, etc., but is there any way to give us a simple understanding of the composition of polyaluminum chloride? In terms of appearance, the appearance performance of polyaluminum chloride is related to basicity, manufacturing method, impurity composition, alumina content and so on. Pure liquid type polyaluminum chloride, basic degree 40%~60%, light yellow transparent liquid, concentration is greater than 60%, gradually becoming colorless transparent liquid. The solid polyaluminum chloride base degree is less than 30%, it is a lens, and it is gelatinous in the range of 30% to 60%, and gradually turns into glass or resin after 60%. Solid polyaluminum chloride made of bauxite or clay ore is yellow or brown, and there are many such polyaluminum chlorides on the market. It should also be noted that the smaller the base degree, the larger the volume of one kilogram of polyaluminum chloride. In addition, the alumina content and water insoluble matter complement each other, the alumina content is high, the water insoluble matter is low, and the color is yellow (high iron content is golden yellow, and low iron content is light yellow).

But in actual operation, we still need to ask Enti's specific analysis. As for the aluminum content, if a comprehensive analysis of sewage treatment is carried out, generally speaking, the aluminum content is higher and the price is higher. The higher the aluminum content, the better the treatment effect. It mainly depends on the quality of sewage. From the user's point of view, it is correct to buy more suitable products with less money than to buy better products at lower prices.

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