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Our company located in a beautiful city-Qingdao

  • Author:Becky Zhao
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-10-30
The place where we work is a beautiful city,Qingdao,China.There are mountains, water and sea, jobs we like and people we love.
In springtime, The cold wind is brisk but the spring is full, everything comes back to life. Let's go mountain climbing to feel the rebirth of everything,by the way, inhale the scent of spring. In summer, do you like to eat clam?If you do,welcome to Qingdao. Eating clams and drinking beer is the best choice to spend the hot summer.
Now in autumn, the leaves fall from the trees only one day, picking up a leaf to make a bookmark is the best response to the fall.
There isn't much snow in winter but the brisk wind, We choose to work hard rather than go out,to keep the top 10 manufacturer of polyacrylamide in China,to do well in our WELLDONE.
It’s Qingdao, the piece of land in China,where we live,where we love.