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Welcome to WellDone in Qingdao

  • Author:Laura
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-11-01
Today is the first day of November, along with the rain, the temperature drops, it’s starting to get colder in Qingdao city, winter is definitely on the way.
Early in the morning, when I walk on the way to work,  I’m greeted with cold fog, I feel as if already in wonderland.
I have been in Qingdao for a week, it’s happy to see the blue sky everyday. The blue sky, the sea and the beach are the features of the city. Enjoy my life and work in Qingdao, welcome to Qingdao and visit our company Shandong WellDone Environmental New Materials CO.LTD. a specialist of polyacrylamide manufacturer, products main used in wasted water treatment and drilling fluids.