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Diaper Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) from Welldone ChinaDiaper Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) from Welldone China

Diaper Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) from Welldone China

  • Appearance: White powder or granule
  • Particle size: 5-100 mesh
  • Water absorbent rate: 300-400
  • PH: 6.5
  • Gel strength: The absorbed SAP haven't be degraded completely under strong sunshine in 2 hours.
Super Absorbent Polymer for Diapers
Super absorbent polymer is a kind of new functional polymer material.With hydrophilic group, can absorb a large number of moisture and swelling can keep moisture outflow of synthetic resin, such as starch grafted acrylic acid salt, grafting acrylamide, high substitution degree crosslinking carboxymethyl cellulose, cross-linked carboxymethyl cellulose grafting acrylamide, crosslinking hydroxyethyl cellulose grafting acrylamide polymer, such as general can absorb the equivalent of resin 100 times more water volume, the highest bibulous rate can reach more than 1000 times, generally as medical materials, such as diapers, sanitary towels, etc.


— SAP is a new functional material with good water absorption and water holding capacity. As a Eco-friendly material, it is totally non-toxic, harmless and nonpolluting.
— A polymer material with good water absorption and water-holding capacity, SAP can absorb pure water up to hundreds times its weight and turn to water gel.
— The main uses of SAP are absorbing, retaining or to block liquid.
— Service life can last 2 years.

Mainly Items:
External view: white granule
PH value: neutral
Distilled water multiple: ≥550 times
The number of artificial urine: ≥80 times
Absorb 0.9% normal saline: ≥100 times
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