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Super absorbent polymer for agricultureSuper absorbent polymer for agriculture

Super absorbent polymer for agriculture

  • Appearance: White powder or granule
  • Particle size: 5-100 mesh
  • Water absorbent rate: 300-400
  • PH: 6.5
  • Gel strength: The absorbed SAP haven't be degraded completely under strong sunshine in 2 hours.
Super absorbent polymer (SAP) is a high molecular polymer with strong water absorption. After filled with water, SAP will release the water slowly to roots when soil is dry, and repeatedly absorb water when rain to keep the plant with plenty of water, SAP has the capacity of absorbing 300-400 times of water, and it can save 65%--95% of water. It is mainly used in agriculture plants.

* Potassium based
* Functional polymer, swells to a gel upon contact with aqueous fluids.
* Nontoxic, no residue, can absorb and release water repeatedly.
*Enhance soil’s water-absorption, water-holding and nutrient preserving capability.
* Increase soil structure, increase soil's water absorption & soil moisture.
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