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Redispersable Polymer Powder

Redispersable Polymer Powder

  • Appearance   white powder, free-flowing
  • Solid content ≥98.0%
  • Ash content 11%±2
  • Bulk density 400−600 g/l
  • Average particle size ~80 μm
  • pH value 5.0-8.0
  • MFFT 0℃
  • Tg -12℃

Redispersible polymer powder is produced by spray-drying special water-based emulsion, mostly based on vinyl acetate and ethylene,acrylic. It dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion.

Application Range:                                                       

- Waterproof mortar

- Tile Adhesive/Tile joint filler

- Flexible waterproof putty

Key Properties:                                                       

- Higher flexural strength

- Excellent waterproof

- Improved workability

- Increased impact and abrasion resistance

- Improve abrasion resistance, durability, wetherability

Packaging and Storage:                                                    

A. Standard Packing: In 25kg bags out HDPE bags inner with LDPE bags

B. Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.

Store it in a cool, dry place below 30°C and protected against humidity and pressing, since the goods is thermoplastic, storage time should not exceed six months.

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