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Starch ether

Starch ether

  • Appearance white or quasi-white powder
  • Hydroxypropyl % 25-35
  • PH @25℃ 5.0-11
  • Fineness μm < 180
  • Water content % < 10
  • ASH % ≤ 9.5
  • Viscosity (5% aqueous
  • solution) mPa.s 1500-2500
  • Bulk density 550--650

Starch ether is a general term for a type of modified starch containing ether bonds in the molecule. It has excellent functions of water solubility, adhesion, expansion, flow, covering, desizing, etc. It is used in medicine, food, textile, papermaking, daily chemical, petroleum and other industries Wide range of applications.

1. Very good fast thickening ability: medium viscosity, high water retention;
2. The dosage is small, and the extremely low addition amount can achieve a very high effect;
3. Improve the material's own anti-sag ability;
4. It has good lubricity, can improve the operation performance of the material, and make the operation smoother.

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