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Super binder for Incense stick polyacrylamide (SAB)Super binder for Incense stick polyacrylamide (SAB)Super binder for Incense stick polyacrylamide (SAB)

Super binder for Incense stick polyacrylamide (SAB)

  • 1.Molecular weight: Very High
  • 2.Degree of hydrolysis: Medium
  • 3.Solid content: >90%
  • 4.Mixing time: < 15 minutes
  • 5.Company Viscosity (0.1% solution): Ultra High

SAB is the best replacement agent of joss powder from vietanm , the product is in very high viscosity and stability ,it is an environmental friendly green chemical, easy to control and save prdouction costs.

For example: tradtional way is mix joss powder with wood powder,charcoal powder,etc. in mixing rate of 1:1, by our SAB,its mixing rate is 1:50, it saves more than 50% of production costs.

Machine-made incense stick: mix SAB with wood powder, charcoal,etc by rate of 1:25 to 1:50, mixing them with water for around 15 minutes, then it is ready to use. Take around 2 to 5 times to find out the best mixing rate.
Hand made incense stick: mix SAB with wood powder, charcoal,etc. at rate of 1:25 to 1:40, mixing them in water for 15 minutes, then ready to use. For hand made incense stick, customers should use medium viscosity SAB for production, because it is too sticky.
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