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A terrorist attack in Belgium

  • Author:Becky Zhao
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-05-30
On the 29th, a shooting incident occurred in Liege, a city in eastern Belgium. The 36-year-old gunman Herrman shot and killed two policewomen and a 22-year-old passerby before fleeing into a school and taking hostages. At last, the police exchanged fire and was shot dead. In addition, the incident also caused the other two police officers to be wounded. Belgian prosecutors stated that they are now investigating the attack with terrorist attacks. The report stated that the gunmen targeted the police.
According to reports, the incident occurred at approximately 10:30 am local time on the morning of the 29th. Hermann dressed in black outside the Augustine coffee shop in the center of Liege, Belgium, wounded two policewomen with a knife. The policewoman fell down and Hermann immediately took their shots and shot them. When Herman left the scene after the assault, he suddenly shot a 22-year-old man through a parked roadside car. The latter died on the spot. Witnesses claimed that Hermann pulled a female passenger from the car and fired at her.
Afterwards, Hermann walked into the nearby Waa School and held a female hostage. A large number of police officers arrived at the scene within minutes after the police arrived. Helman then went out of school to exchange fire with the police and was eventually killed. Two police officers were Injured during the gun battle. Witnesses said that about 6 gunshots were heard at that time.
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