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Burger King urges people to "go to McDonald's to order food"

  • Author:Jack Ma
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2020-11-05

Burger King urges people to "go to McDonald's to order food"

"We never thought about doing this, but now this restaurant with thousands of employees really needs your support!" Burger King wrote in a tweet posted on the 2nd. The British "Daily Mail" reported on the 3rd that in this article titled "Order at McDonald's", in addition to its old rival McDonald's, Burger King also hopes that people can go to KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and other restaurants to place orders.

The United Kingdom will enter the second "blockade period" due to the rebound of the epidemic this week. The fast food chain that was forced to close during the first wave of the epidemic just resumed business in July, and now it will be "doomed." According to the latest regulations, from this Thursday, all restaurants in the UK can only provide delivery or take-out services. Burger King has joined other competitors to call for people to place orders and order meals, mainly for the purpose of going through the coming difficult period together. Burger Kings tweet received more than 10,000 responses. Some netizens praised Burger Kings support of other brand stores, while some believed that small businesses were the biggest victims. "We should focus on and support small businesses. These chain restaurants have done a good job," a netizen commented.

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