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Xiamen International Bank and Tencent Cloud reached a strategic cooperation to build a joint innovat

  • Author:Hana Wang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2020-11-06
On November 5th, Xiamen International Bank and Tencent Cloud signed a joint innovation laboratory strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai and held the laboratory unveiling ceremony. Based on the joint innovation laboratory, the two parties will further carry out joint research and technological breakthroughs in the fields of financial cloud infrastructure and services, scenario financial innovation, and cloud native business system development, and jointly promote the innovative application of financial technology and the incubation of joint product solutions And landing. This joint innovation laboratory is the first joint innovation laboratory built by Tencent Cloud in cooperation with financial institutions after launching the Jinteng Plan.

Since the cooperation between Xiamen International Bank and Tencent Cloud, the two parties have jointly completed the construction of the private cloud computing platform of Xiamen International Bank. Through the establishment of a private cloud computing architecture system of "two places and three centers", the unified integration of the bank’s basic scientific and technological resources has been achieved, effectively It supports the transformation and upgrading of banking business and the rapid development of online business, laying a solid foundation for the bank's strategic goal of fully realizing digital empowerment, smart leadership, and building an open, agile, and international financial technology bank.

According to Wang Pengju, Chief Information Officer of Xiamen International Bank, Xiamen International Bank is the first Sino-foreign joint venture bank in mainland China and a pioneer in China's financial opening. Xiamen International Bank and Tencent Cloud share a common innovation gene and innovation culture. It is natural for the two parties to come together. The Fifth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China took scientific and technological self-reliance as the support of the national development strategy. Finance, as the blood of the national economy, is a key area of ​​national technological empowerment. Creating an independent, controllable, safe and reliable financial technology industry has become the only way for financial development, and digital and intelligent transformation is the best choice for banks to strengthen financial services in the real economy.

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