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WELLDONE China Agritech Brand -Myanmar Exhibition waiting for your participation

  • Author:Lisa Li
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2019-11-07
WELLDONE as a water retentionpolymer supplier will be participate China Agritech Brand ( Myanmar )Exhibition on November 22th in Yangon Yangon, Myanmar.

Product introduction :

Water retention polymer will release the water to roots when soil is dry ,

and repeatedly absorb water when the plant with plenty of water.
Used in agriculture plants, tree planting, horticulture , vegetableand fruits


Water retention polymer benefit:

1.Green environmental protection biodegradable.

2.Effectively reduces irrigation frequency,permit watering onceper week , rather than day by day watering ,saving water and sparing time and money.

3.Reduce soil erosion, stabilize the soil and improve the soil structure.

4.Increase seedling emergence rate, can improve crop yield, increase income, application water retention agent amount of18KG/k㎡, can increase wheat yield by 9%.

5.Repeated use, low cost, fertilizer retention, can improve fertilizer efficiency 25%- 60%.

Exhibition progress :

On November 7, 2019, directorof the agriculture department, leaders of the business association and morethan 30 media reporters attended the press conference of the myanmaragricultural materials exhibition

1.U Kyaw Kyaw     Director of Department ofAgriculture, Yangon Region deliver a speech

2.U Thaung Htike  Chief officer of Departmentof Machinery Agriculture deliver a speech

3.(Li Yue) CEC of China enterpriseschamber of commerce in Myanmar deliver a speech

Exhibition information:

HallName:Yangon, Tatmadaw Hall


Products:Potassium SuperAbsorbent Polymer(KSAP) for agriculture

Date:November 22th-24th,2019

Booth No.: 22

Adress:Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall

U Wisara Rd, Yangon Yangon, Myanmar

WELLDONE looking forward to you visit the exihibition