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Super agarbatti binder for machine made incense stick

  • Author:Laura
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2019-12-27

The super agarbatti binder(SAB) is suitable for the incense industry for the production of various disc mosquito coils, hygienic incenses, grass incenses, line incenses, bamboo stick incenses, buddhist incenses, etc., and can effectively replace ordinary starch, elm bark powder, bakelite powder and methyl fiber Related materials (CMC);

Product characteristics of SAB: good solubility, high viscosity, strong toughness, flammable (less) smoke, no odor during combustion, non-toxic, etc .; plant perfume powder has stable performance and avoids other vegetable powder Due to the different origin and time of ordinary starch, the bonding quality varies, and the formula needs to be repeatedly debugged during the production of the fragrance industry to avoid the phenomenon of unstable product quality.

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