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Experts advise against making resolutions in January

  • Author:Lisa Li
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2019-12-27

Instead of making New Year's resolutions on January 1, one psychologist suggests delaying them until the spring.

Tim Bono, associate dean of student affairs at Washington university in st. Louis, thinks we might want to dismiss the idea that New Year's day is the best time to make New Year's resolutions.

He said: 'Maybe we need to disabuse ourselves of the idea that Jan. 1 is the best time to make resolutions.'

January is plagued by harsh weather and the post-holiday slump, whereas spring - a period associated with new beginnings - makes it easier for us…January is probably the hardest month of the year to change behaviors,' Bono added.
whereas spring - a period associated with new beginnings - makes it easier for us to modify behavior.The winter months also has many people cooped up inside, keeping them separate from a support system that would help them achieve their new goals.
Another obstacle that people often encounter is the post-holiday syndrome
'It's the same thing that people experience the week after their vacation or the week after their wedding or anything else where there's been a lot of anticipation,' he said.
'There's a huge body of psychological research that has shown that half the fun of a vacation is having something to look forward to.' 'There's usually not that much planned in the early months of the year. When there's not as much to look forward to, our spirits are usually lower.'
'That can translate to less motivation to stay on task toward new initiatives.'
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