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WELLDONE Water retention polymer in the Yangon Tatmadaw Hall perfect ending

  • Author:Lisa Li
  • Release on:2019-11-30

Obtainedthe recognition and trust of the majority of customers and  perfect ending——

WELLDONEin the China Agritech Brand ( Myanmar )Exhibition in the Yangon, Tatmadaw Hallon November 22th-24th,2019.

water retention polymercharacter:

(1)After flled with water it  willrelease the water to roots when soil is dry.

(2)And repeatedly absorb water when theplant with plenty of water.

(3)Can be reduce irrigation frequency save water and time cost

(4)Potassium content of more than 10%, whichis a nutrient that can enrich the soil as fertilizer and  increase cropyield 20-40%.

(5)Use 60 grams per fruit tree, repeat usein the soil for 1-2 years.

(6)Small amounts, but big savings andrewards

Look forward to the next exhibition of our company