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Dust depressor and erosion control agent

Dust depressor and erosion control agent

  • Product name            Dust depressor and erosion control agent
  • Product appearance White homogeneous emulsion
  • Content ≥50%
  • Density (25℃) 0.92-0.98g/ cm3
  • PH value when used(25℃) 6-8
  • Viscosity (25 ℃) 500-1000 mPa.s
  • Environmental affinity Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, degradable
  • Water ratio dust depressor: water=1:40
  • Activability Once spray, waterproof and repetitive activability

Dust depressor is a combination of new multifunctional polymer. The degree ofcross-linking between polymer molecules forms a network structure, and variousionic groups exist between the molecules, which can produce strong affinity,have good waterproof and film-forming properties, and can effectively fix duston the surface of the material. A crust-type protective film is formed. Itsmechanism of action is to capture, adsorb, agglomerate dust particles, and lockit into the network structure, which plays the role of dustproof, anti-etchingand anti-scour.

Application areas

This product can be widelyused in coal and mineral mining, transportation, loading and unloading,stacking; open stock yard; building demolition, civil construction andsurrounding roads, roads under construction, consolidating stations, storageand transportation stations, coal storage yards, slag yards Coal mines, mines,ports, terminals, power plants, cement plants, steel plants, coking plants,coal washing plants, smelters, metallurgical plants, dust workshops, artificialbeaches and desertification areas, local sandstorms, sand fixation, etc. place.

Product advantages

① Protecting the environment and removing dust particles above 2.5microns can effectively reduce dust hazards.

② No corrosion, no pollution, biodegradable, no secondarypollution.

③ Anti-ultraviolet, anti-wind erosion, anti-rain erosion (thesurface hard shell is washed by rain, after the water is evaporated, it can besolidified into a shell).

④ It can effectively reduce and reduce material loss.

⑤ Dilute the product with clean tap water or non-polluting water.


The dust depressor andwater are diluted in a multiple of 1:40, spraying 2-3 liters per square meter,depending on the thickness of the spray. The specific method and dosage can beadjusted according to the site conditions to achieve the best expected results.

① Small spray equipment: You can inject fresh water into thecontainer, then gradually put it into the dust depressor (dust depressor:water = 1:40) and mix well.

② Large-scale spraying equipment: first dilute in thecontainer with small magnification (dust depressor: water = 1:40), then injectinto the sprinkler, and then inject the clean water according to the requiredratio and continue to use the circulation function of the vehicle to repeatedlystir.

③The dust depressor can be sprayed withequipment such as sprinkler or professional spray station and fixed spraydevice. The dust depressor dilution solution can be evenly sprayed on thesurface of the material or the dust zone to achieve dust proof, dust-reducingand dust-removing effects.

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