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Powder soil stabilizer for road construction

Powder soil stabilizer for road construction

  • Appearance: Grey powder
  • Solid content %: ≥95
  • Density(20℃,g/mL): ≥1.0
  • PH (20℃,1%): 7-10

1.        Scope of use

1)       Build the subgrade

The subbase hardening of the expressway is hardened at the base of the first grade road and below the base and the base of the subbase. The basic and surface hardening of simple roads or temporary roads.

2)       Field hardening

The hardening treatment of parking lot, heap yard, pile yard, drilling field, production and processing field, etc.

3)       Rammed earth wall

The vegetable culture shed, the ancient building city wall, the civil house wall and so on.

4)       Wipe the walls.

Can be used as mud plaster.

5)       Preparation of unfired bricks

The clay is fully mixed with the soil stabilizer and then supplemented with other hard material, which is directly pressed by a brick press.

2. Features: You don't need to use cement or lime, soil, our soil stabilzer, water are sufficient to 

increase load bearing PSI on all soils.

 3. Advantages

A smooth road that maintains it's grade presents less stress on a vehicle. This reduces maintenance and increase vehicle performance and saves money.
Soil Stabilization Innovations roads are cheaper than gravel, bitumen, and asphalt roads. It more affordable than constantly maintaining dirt roads.
Soil Stabilizer will reduce the permeability of roads and eliminate water penetrating and turning the surface into mud. Our roads have been subjected to many monsoon and snow conditions and our roads maintained grade and were safe to travel on.
very safe to use on skin.dust control and erosion prevention. no stone, no cement, no lime
Our soil stabilizer will yield compacted soil strength of 600 PSI on the type of soil

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